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We offer a variety of lighting services that can provide multiple benefits at your home or business.

Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from lighting upgrades. At Volt-Tech Electric Company, we offer services for a variety of lighting solutions. Whether your goal is for improved energy efficiency with LED lighting, adding task lighting to improve productivity and functionality, creating ambience with dimmable lighting, installing security lighting, or adding aesthetic appeal with accent lighting, you can count on us for the solutions you seek for your home or business. You can also reach out to us for specialized lighting situations, such as:

Lighting in Marlboro, New Jersey

  • Pole lights- We are one of few electrical companies that is experienced with the special care needed for LED pole lights and upgrading regular pole lights to LED.
  • Warehouse lighting- Even a modest-sized warehouse can have a large number of lights, so it is important to have options that are both energy-efficient and provide sufficient illumination for managing the inventory.
  • Retail store lighting- The quality of the lighting can have a huge impact on the visual appeal of your store and the products. Lighting placement, style of lighting, and the energy efficiency of the lighting are all important considerations.
  • Commercial exterior building lighting- You have a responsibility to have a safe and secure building. Proper lighting is critical to avoid injuries due to tripping and to reduce criminal activity. In addition, accent lighting can increase the appeal of your building for a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Commercial LED lighting- Save money on utilities by upgrading your lighting to LED options. Since they do not put off heat, that also reduces your air conditioning costs.

If you would like to discuss lighting solutions for your home or business in the Marlboro, New Jersey area, give us a call. We will be happy to assess your property and make recommendations for lighting that will meet your objectives.

At Volt-Tech Electric Company, we offer lighting services for customers in Freehold Township, Marlboro, Jackson Township, Howell Township, Eatontown, and Toms River, New Jersey.