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We offer a wide variety of commercial electric services for all types of businesses.

If you want peace of mind that the electrical system at your Freehold Township, New Jersey business is in top condition at all times, you need a company you can trust for top-notch commercial electric services. At Volt-Tech Electric Company, we handle everything from service calls to office fit-outs. We have helped many different types of commercial enterprises over our more than 25 years of business, including retail businesses, warehouses, laboratories, biomedical facilities, office buildings, and more.

Commercial Electric Services in Freehold Township, New Jersey

Our commercial electric services include commercial computer networking, lighting upgrades, new construction electric services, warehouse lighting, commercial electrical service upgrades, laboratory fit-outs, commercial generators, commercial LED lighting, commercial security lighting, access control system installation, and more.

Whether you are a property manager with a commercial income-producing property and you need to get it ready for a new tenant or you are the end-user of a commercial building, it can be beneficial to build a relationship with our company. As you get to know us and we learn more about your property and objectives, we can best serve all your electrical needs with our commercial electric services. Turn to us as a valuable resource to optimize your electrical system and keep it performing safely and efficiently.

If you have any questions about our commercial electric services or if you have a project in mind you need to discuss and get a quote for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to meet with you at your property to assess what upgrades could be beneficial so your company can run smoothly.

At Volt-Tech Electric Company, we offer commercial electric services for customers in Freehold Township, Marlboro, Jackson Township, Howell Township, Eatontown, and Toms River, New Jersey.


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